Comparison between manganese steel and cast iron of concrete mixer liner plate and scraper


Concrete mixer liner plate plays a part in prevent mixing drum from wear and tear. The working life of a concrete mixer depends on its liner plate and scraper, and their working life depend on what materials they used.
There are two materials widely used in concrete mixer liner plate and scraper, that is manganese steel and cast iron. So, what is manganese steel and what is cast iron?

Manganese steel (Mn+Fe) is a steel alloy containing an average of around 13% manganese. Manganese steel is known for its high impact strength and resistance to abrasion once in its work-hardened state. It is usually used in dredger buckets, rock-crushers, railway points, etc.
Cast iron is iron or a ferrous alloy which has been heated until it liquifies, and is then poured into a mould to solidify. It is usually made from pig iron.

Compared with Cast Iron liner plate and scraper, applying manganese steel has more advantages:

1.Not sticking of material
2.More wear-resisting
3.More corrosion resistance
4.Longer service life
5.Quality Assurance

Dasion has been always adopting manganese steel as the basic materials of concrete mixer liner plate and scraper. Dasion’s concrete mixers and concrete batching plants are sold more than 30 countries, well received by customers.